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The 5 Ways of FOHOW Products

There are five (5) ways that Fohow products work CLEANSING SERIES Sanqing Oral Liquid Rose Oligose Fohow Tea Fohow Blood Cleanser Capsule NUTRITIONAL SERIES Fohow Sambao Oral Liquid Calcium Garlic REGULATIONAL AND BALANCING SERIES Fohow Oral Liquid Fohow Linchzhi ( Ganoderma) Fohow Ares Capsule Fohow Danshen Extract Tablet HOME USE Fohow Waistbelt Fohow Neckguard Fohow Kneepad Fohow Toothpaste BEAUTY SERIES Fohow Giufeibao (Qinggong Pill) Fohow Sanitary Pad/Pant liner Fohow Aloe Gel

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